Monday, November 22, 2010


Someday my children will be too big for my lap

Someday they won't be following me around asking "why" about everything

Someday they (probably) won't be begging to lick the spoon

Someday (hopefully!) they won't need to be reminded to brush their teeth or change their underwear

Someday they won't want to play Candy Land over and over

Someday they won't be fighting over who sits where in the car, whose turn it is to choose the movie, or who really was the one who unrolled an entire roll of toilet paper all over the floor.

Someday they will think it was silly that they ever believed there was a real Tooth Fairy

Someday they won't need me to chase the monsters out of their closets or comfort them during a thunder storm

These are the random thoughts that were going through my mind last night as we went about our evening routine and got the children tucked in. Sometimes in the hustle and bustle of every day it's easy for to take for granted what I have NOW, right in front of me. The days run together and often it seems like this busy stage with dependant little ones will last forever. But, it won't.

I will never stop being a mother, but as the children grow and eventually reach adult hood, their needs will change and although I can still be close with them and have a positive, vital impact on their life, they won't need me physically like they do now. I want to fully embrace my role right here in this moment!

Someday I will have a cleaner house, be able to sit down for all my meals, have more quiet time to myself. I will be able to read an entire chapter in a book or have a phone conversation without interruption. And I will relish it after the more demanding years I am living now.

However, I am sure that often, I will start to reminisce. I will reflect and miss the childish chatter, the peanut butter handprints on the wall, the toys underfoot. I will remember that the sleepless nights really don't last forever. (I may even miss folding all those cute little clothes!) It is my greatest hope that I can later look back on this fleeting season of young motherhod with great fondness, with few regrets......

.....But, you know, life may just not be that quiet or calm in the distant future when my babies are grown up, either. I forgot about grandchildren!  :)

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  1. You say this so well Dorothea! In a culture that not only under-values fulltime mothering----- but rather does not value it at all. You are wise beyond your years and as other mothers read this, like myself, let them realize that by conforming to these cultural attitudes everyone loses. Let us reclaim our God-given role, love our husband, love our children, and really we end up valuing ourselves , too:) I think I will go try that Apple Crumb recipe for no other reason than that my children will love it!!!!