Wednesday, November 17, 2010


When my only daughter arrived, I was so excited! Visions of hair bows and cute accesories danced in my head.Well, the bows had to be postponed for awhile in favor of little stretchy headbands.  Wouldn't you know it that out of my three children, she had hardly any hair as a baby (as compared to her brothers!) and it wasn't until around her first birthday that I could just barely coax some unruly wisps into a hair clip. Fast forward to present day now that she is almost four, and she has a lovely long mane of golden hair that is alot of fun to style. Needless to say, between her Grandma, two aunts, and myself, she has accumulated quite the assortment of hair goods. The problem was: how to store them so they were not a jumbled mess in a drawer, or else lying around loose where her little brother could potentially swallow them.

Imagine my delight when I discovered this cute idea in the latest issue of Family Fun magazine, aptly named the Rapunzel Hair Clip Organizer.

You can find the material list and instructions on their web site. The only thing I did differently was to use a slightly larger wooden hoop as the base and added more yarn strands to make the braid thicker. When you are done braiding, simply attach your accesories! Of course, my daughter's had to be topped with a sparkly tiara.

Now my daughter can see everything at a glance...and the added bonus is that it looks adorable hanging on her bedroom wall. Practical and pretty at the same time!


  1. OK, now I understand how it goes altogether. Another inexpensive and cute idea to add to my "easy to make" little girls craft ideas. If my beautiful, lone granddaughter didn't already have one---- I would have made one up for her,too. :) Possible to make a Christmas one, and attach a few little new hair bows/barrettes/ponies to wear during Christmas or along with an outfit I might give her at the same time.

  2. She can always use another one because you can only fit so much per braid. :)I'm thinking of making a few to have on hand for quick gifts. It would be perfect to give one to a little girl with some hair things already attached to it.