Thursday, February 3, 2011


It has been a long, very busy week and so I have not had the opportunity to blog...or do much of anything computer related, really. It is hard to believe February is now here--the last full month of winter (at least according to the calendar!).

We are finding ways to stay occupied this cold season, especially on the below zero, freezing wind days when it is hard to enjoy being outdoors. Alot of arts and crafts, baking, and reading. Next week it will be time to launch into all things Valentine related, so that will be fun, and Isaac's birthday will be in a few weeks as well. Before we know it, spring will be here! We are all looking forward to the warm weather and thawing snow. Usually we can begin taking walks in mid March, as soon as the sidewalks are clear.

Homeschooling this year is going great! The children are soaking everything up and learning by leaps and bounds. I am continually amazed at their inquisitive minds and thirst for knowledge. Isaac is reading very well and has been delving into some real chapter books now. It is like a whole new world has opened up for him by being able to read whatever he wishes on his own. Emma, now that she has seen how much her big brother loves to read, has been begging to learn herself. She just turned 4, so I was not planning to start phonics with her until next fall, but given her eagerness, I decided to just go ahead and start the Teach Your Child To Read In 100 Easy Lessons book with her and see how she responds to it. Thus far, since beginning with it last week, her reading lesson time is the highlight of her day!

Ethan is a bundle of energy at 20 months old. He always wants to be involved in what the older children are doing, so keeping him occupied while I am teaching has been the only challenging aspect of homeschooling. It is constant activity in our house, with Ethan climbing onto everything, making huge messes, and daily learning how to do new things...such as open doors. :)

So, life is busy and very full to the brim, but going well. I have many things that I am itching to write about, but have had to put those on the back burner lately and focus on my family, which of course is my main priority right now. :)

I wanted to also put an update on my friend's son, Jacob, whom I wrote about back in December in the post entitled "Heavy Heart". At that time, he had just been diagnosed with stage IV cancer and had to have surgery to remove one of his kidneys. Last month he began to have chemo and radiation and will continue to have staggered treatments over the next several months. A benefit is being held for him on February 17th, so pray that some funds will be raised that will help with costs such as gas for the family vehicle (the hospital is almost 2 hours away, thus making for a lengthy round trip!) and also to help if Ben (Jacob's father) should need to take some unpaid days off of work. Jacob will be going back to the hospital on the 18th for a four day stay to have some intensive treatments. Please continue to keep Jacob and his entire family in your prayers. It has been a roller coaster for them all, something that they never, ever expected to happen, especially to a five year old. Jacob's mother, Elizabeth, has been a good friend of mine ever since we became penpals many years ago. She has a blog, that she updates often with information on how Jacob is doing. Jacob's grandmother also has a blog, and she shares about him there, and has written many other inspirational, thought provoking posts. Anyone interested in following Jacob's progress can read these two blogs.

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