Friday, January 28, 2011

Adorable Purse Cake

This year I again turned to the amazing Betty Crocker web site to inspire an idea for Emma's birthday cake.I am not a professional cake decorator by any means, so I love their easy, creative ideas for putting together a spectacular looking cake that is so much more special than your typical sheet cake. It was between a butterfly cake or this purse, and no surprise, Emma picked the purse. She is a very "girly-girl", so it fit her perfectly. She loved it and was sorry that it had to be cut. :)
Here is a video tutorial below on how to make the purse cake .
(I could not get the specific link to the recipe to work, but if you go to and type "purse cake" into the search box, it is easy to find!).
I would highly reccomend this recipe. It is an adorable cake that any little (or big!) girl would love.
It does not have to be limited to a birthday, would be fitting for Mother's Day or even if you wanted to have a fun tea party with your daughter or a group of friends.
It could even be adapted for a baby shower and the purse could be made to look like a cute diaper bag!

The nice thing about this cake is that you can use your imagination and decorate it however you wish. It's very versatile. The cake in this video is yellow with green trim, wheras the one I made was pink with red trim. I decided I liked how it looked with two handles rather than just one. I could not find the same candy that they used, so I made my "flowers" with Skittles and also studded the pink purse part with realistic looking sugar pearls, which are available in the cake decorating/wedding section.
 I also used Skittles for the clasp closure ontop.
I did not make the matching little coin purse as they did , and so did not need to cut off quite as much of the cake layers on  the bottom--just enough to make a straight edge so that the cake could stand level.
Important: Make sure to put quite a bit of frosting on the bottom of the cake edge before standing up on serving tray. This serves as the "glue" so that it stays firmly upright. I found that it helps to freeze the layers for 30 minutes or so before frosting.
Keep in mind also that it is not a huge cake when complete, so if you are having quite a few people at your party, you may want to make some extra cupcakes to have on the side.

Here is the cake I made:

It was a hit!


  1. THat is just too cute! I want to keep this in mind for Becca's birthday!

  2. I'm sure that she would love it! :)

  3. Oh, my gosh, that is just too cute! You are so creative! Mine would probably look like a blob.