Monday, February 14, 2011

Real Love

As I woke up this morning on Valentine's Day, I was thinking about how blessed I am to be surrounded by an abundance of love in my life...especially from my husband and my children. They love me no matter what--even on the occasional day when I am impatient or grouchy! They put up with my clean freak/perfectionist tendencies. It doesn't bother them if I wear yoga pants and sweatshirts around the house quite often, or if I serve simple meals on those busy days. 
My little family loves me just the way I am, no strings attached!
They are continually doing things to demonstrate their love, too...whether it is a newly colored picture from my children and little arms wrapping around me in a "bear hug", or an unexpected phone call during the day from my husband--just to check on how I am doing and to say "I Love You". He always has the knack for knowing when I am especially stressed out or exhausted and in need of some encouraging words. He rises at the crack of dawn every day to go to work and even puts in extra hours so that I am able to stay at home with the children. He cheerfully takes out the trash and shovels snow.

Those kinds of things are real love in action and mean far more to me than diamonds or a box of chocolates.
You simply cannot put a price tag on them.

Don't get me wrong. It's nice to receive gifts, and I have received more than my fair share over the years.My husband is great about that, and I'm very appreciative. Physical signs of love in the form of a special present certainly do have their place. This year I have a vase full of beautiful red roses, courtesy of my Valentine. It was so special to answer the door and be surprised by a flower delivery! But, do you know what was most special about this gift?
The heartfelt little card that accompanied those roses...I will forever treasure it and will no doubt be re-reading it again and again over the years, just to "hear" those touching words once more.

It's important to remember, though, that no amount of material things can create love or keep it going if it is not already there to begin with. It often seems like in our society, love tends to be measured by how large an engagement ring is, how extravagant the wedding was, how costly a family vacation will be, or even how much money we are spending on our children.
Again, there is nothing wrong with using some money to benefit or enrich our family's life, but it will never replace actual love, or cause someone to love us more.

Real love cannot be bought or sold. Real love knows no limits. Real love is not hinged upon material "stuff". Real love lasts forever.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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  1. I llooooooovvvveee this post. Your childrun are blessed and so is your husband!