Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Three strikes--and it's out

This is why I put away our tree less than 24 hours after Christmas:
Our busy little guy, Ethan, knocked it over for the third time...so it was time to pack it up. I just couldn't deal with the stress of keeping him away from it anymore. Those twinkling lights and shiny ornaments have drawn him like a magnet ever since we decorated shortly after Thankgiving.
Of course, it is hard to keep from laughing when his reaction to the tree crashing down is followed by a look of pure wonder on his face. He then said "wow!"...and eventually,"uh-oh!".

Yes, this blue eyed angel is capable of getting into much mischief and often leaves havoc in his wake. But, through all the "adventures", we still love him and are thankful to have him. Someday it will be hard to remember him as an active 19 month old. I want to treasure these moments, even the hectic ones, while they last.

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